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The Garden

My garden is an established garden which has been neglected since the autumn due to me being too busy to do anything and the Council having changed the garden refuse collection service.  I now have a large green wheelie bin which they will empty once a fortnight and my enthusiasm for gardening has revived!

Six on Saturday

Six things in the garden on Saturday …


Fuchsia – I hadn’t noticed, until I looked, that the stems of my largest fuchsia are red.  The plant has been there so long I no longer know which variety it is, but the red stems make an attractive contrast to the few remaining leaves.


Pieris – the pink flowers providing a tiny froth of colour in my flowerless January garden.


Hellebores – having said that my garden is flowerless, in fact three of the hellebores are already flowering and others are starting to push through.  No pink ones yet!


Cotoneaster – there are still a few berries left, although the birds have eaten most of them.


Bulbs – the bulbs are always late in my garden, but some are appearing.  No flowers yet.


Holly – I have lots of holly, including two variegated hollies, but sadly no berries this year or last year.

That’s my Six on Saturday, following the meme started by The Propagator.  [See https://thepropagatorblog.wordpress.com/2018/01/06/six-on-saturday-06-01-18/]

I’ve been neglecting this blog, and my garden, due to bad weather and other commitments but will try and do better in 2018!

Six on Saturday


My Japanese anemones are starting to come into flower.  They are a feature of the garden from now until the autumn, providing interest at the far end, around the magnolia stellata, although they do tend to take over!  For some reason, the pink ones don’t do well in my garden; I’ve tried them more than once, and in different places, but they don’t survive.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAShasta Daisy x superbum ‘Broadway Lights’ 

Wanting something to replace the banished mint, I found these in my local B&Q store.  I haven’t come across them before, but apparently they are hardy and excellent for pollinators as well as being good cut flowers.  (I’ve now discovered they are a variety of Chrysanthemum Maximum.)  I bought three plants but they weren’t really enough so will go back for more.  They will be taller than the fuchsias and should be a good contrast – see below.




These are now starting to flower properly, being no longer choked by mint, though they still need a bit of tlc!  They are overgrown and overcrowded due to my neglect.  They are also sheltering a cat, which is hoping to surprise a bird visiting the nearby bird feeder, so I keep having to chase it off the premises.  This area may need a rethink.


The astilbes are now properly in flower, enjoying the dappled shade after the rain we had last week.  Those which are very shaded are much paler than those nearer the sunlight – some of them are actually white.  Sadly, however, none of the flowers last for long, though the foliage remains attractive.


One branch of my acer suddenly decided it was autumn, a week or so ago; the leaves turned red and gold, in stark contrast to the green leaves surrounding them.  Now they have died and turned brown.  The rest of the tree seems to be fine so I’m hoping this isn’t a symptom of anything serious.  The tree gave a wonderful display last autumn, with the leaves turning dazzling shades of gold before falling and creating a golden carpet on the ground.


I can’t get over how well my hydrangeas have done this year, considering I did nothing to them other than pull off the dead heads at Easter.  This is a different view of the one in my back garden – it’s what I see when I open my back door.  It means I can hang my washing under the back porch without being seen by the neighbours!

Thanks to The Propagator (see https://thepropagatorblog.wordpress.com/) for suggesting the idea of Six on Saturday!




Old roses

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAThere are a number of old roses in the garden which have been there since I was a child. I pruned some of them recently and this one has now started flowering.  I think it’s probably ‘Peace’, which my mother was very fond of.


OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAUnfortunately, the removal of the rampant mint also resulted in the removal of most of the smaller fuchsias, which were too tangled up in the mint to be saved.  This means that I now have two large, well established fuchsias and this little one, which is hiding beneath an azalea.  Weather permitting, I’ll move it out into the space where the mint was at the weekend.

Wild roses

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAWild roses have started seeding themselves in my garden – this is the third I’ve found.  I’m not sure whether to leave them or take them out; I’ve taken one out because it was very thorny and in an awkward place and I’ll probably take this out for the same reasons.  The first one is on top of a wall so not really in the way, but it doesn’t produce any flowers, as far as I can see, so I’ll probably get rid of that one, as well.   I thought all roses produced flowers, but these don’t seem to!


FernI love ferns, but never deliberately planted them until last year.  I had a few which had appeared in shady places of their own accord, but after my new occasional gardener had blitzed the garden of weeds she planted ferns in the dark places beneath the hollies and other tall shrubs.  They are now coming into their own – see above.

Mop-head hydrangeas


This is the largest of my three mop-head hydrangeas.  It’s outside the back door, the other two being on either side of the front door and almost as large.  As you can see, and as I’ve illustrated in previous posts, the flowers are a mixture of colours, ranging from pure pink to pure blue and everything in between!

Six on Saturday

I know I’m a day late, but here are my ‘Six on Saturday’.  Clockwise from the top left, they are my miniature rose, which is now in full flower; the only fuchsia with flowers on at present; one of the astilbes, which are suffering a bit from the current heat and lack of rain; a rose, which I don’t know the name of; my pink hardy geranium, which keeps flowering for weeks; and my new, dainty white hardy geranium phaeum ‘Album’.  Everything in flower at the moment is in shades of pink, red or lavender, except the hydrangeas (some of which are blue).